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PRACSAC is BUSSWE and many more brands, know a little about us.
  • We will begin commenting that we are a company formed by a group of professionals passionate about commercial management, marketing, advertising and process management, we combine our knowledge with our experience to contribute to the growth of our customers
  • You can use Busswe Directory, to search for events, lists and talk with other users.
  • Each business owner (or administrator) can set up a free account for the first 15 days, being able to post photos and send messages to their customers.
  • The Busswe Directory sells ads to local companies: you will see these “Busswe Ads” clearly labeled on the site.
  • You can access the Busswe Directory through iPhone, Android and more: see the complete list of mobile applications here..
  • Our innovative and modern strategies make our clients develop their brands positioning them to the point ed contribute to achieve that they do not generate clients, calm do not get scared, we do not want you to have clients, we want YOU TO HAVE FANS, that’s why we are excited to place your business on the screens of their cell phones.
  • If he loves you, let him take you forever

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How to buy and redeem BUSSWE Directoory deals and gift vouchers at excellent local businesses in your neighborhood.

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